Awesome Abs with Exercise Ball | Level One | Introduction

Who could benefit from this course?

The course benefits those who are just beginning their wellness journey or beginning a new direction on the journey they have been on for a while.

What is the focus of this course?

This course helps you build a strong foundation.  The taller the building you are planning, the deeper and the stronger your foundation needs to be.

Shallow and unstable foundations cannot provide the necessary support for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Part of the foundation for a lifetime of fitness and performance  is strong, efficient and effective neuromuscular pathways between your thoughts, your emotions, you brain and your muscles.

These neuromuscular pathways show up in your form and repetitive actions.   As you lay a foundation, you begin to build productive and beneficial neuromuscular pathways (habits) that would not harm you.

What are some of the benefits of this course design?

By focusing on a strong foundation and strong, efficient and effective neuromuscular pathways  you …

  1. Make your motions efficient. You accomplish most with the least effort.
  2. Make your motions effective. You get results for your efforts.
  3. Make your motions safe. You work with your body, your tools and your environment.
  4. Reduce frustration with lack of results.
  5. Avoid plateaus caused by weak foundations.
  6. Avoid  future back tracking
  7. Avoid unnecessary injury and  recovery time.

What is awesome abs with exercise ball level one?

Awesome abs with exercise ball level one is an example of a beginner workout routine that introduces you to effective details of traditional methods of working out. This course is also an introduction to a larger point of view that could take your workouts to an entirely different level over time. One of my clients and friends from the time that I used to teach in a fitness camp environment described how effective this point of view is.

I am usually behind the camera making sure the lessons are delivered to you in the most productive manner with enough detail to help know why and how things work.   I do all I can to help you  develop the ability and the skill to apply this information to other exercises and aspects of life as well.  The video part of these lessons  provide you with a physical and tangible action to practice what you learn. They are only part of the lesson.

What are cycles?

Workouts are experiences. It is important to remember this. Experiences have a repeating pattern that are simultaneously the same and different, similar to seasons of the year. Each spring is similar to the ones before and at the same time different.

When you think about these repetitive cycles, you would notice the role actions and reactions, causes and consequences play.  Each cause may have many consequences. As you practice thinking in these terms, you would come across a technique called starting from the end.  Your first step will become clarifying, distilling and crystallizing the final consequence and from there you begin selecting the steps that effectively, efficiently and safely will end with that consequence.

Think about it this way. You choose your travel destination first and then get your airline ticket. You don’t get on a plane first and then figure out where it is going.

Often working out begins by you as a reaction to something and the workout programs you receive are designed to deliver a package of short term remedies for you. One  consequence of these short term remedies is repetitive motions masked as variety. By following that kind of routines, parts of you gets really strong and parts of you remains weak. These imbalances within your body slow you down,  increase your chances of injury and leave you thinking what happened?

What are examples of causes and consequences in workouts?

There are infinite number of combinations in cycles, actions and reactions, causes and consequences.  However the ingredients of these combinations are few. When you learn to recognize and begin to master these few ingredients, your ability to combine them effectively to get results safely increases.  

Let me give you examples of workout routine programs.

  1. Workout routine based on body parts like abs, arms or legs
  2. Workout routine based on body zones like upper body or lower body
  3. Workout routines based on function to improve work or sports related performance
  4. Workout routines based on rehabilitation

There are couple of others I have not mentioned here and there is one I developed over the last forty years which I’ll mention to you later. Every one of these has advantages and disadvantages including the one I designed.  More on that later.  Right now let me  introduce you to Paula who is going to be in front of the camera in these lessons.  Her dance background brings an element of grace and flexibility to this routine that would help you.

Workouts are experiences. It is important to remember this. Experiences have a repeating pattern that are simultaneously the same and different, similar to seasons of the year.

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